After sales



Expert maintenance for our world-class solutions


As well as the design, manufacture and installation of engineering solutions – we offer a prompt, high-quality after-sales service.

Our responsive, highly-experienced teams expertly carry out site upgrades, fault-finding and rectification – to ensure the continued safe use, cost effectiveness and prolonged lifetimes of our world-class solutions.

Our engineers can identify potential problems and fix them to avoid unnecessary downtime and prevent lasting damage


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Core values: Innovation

At Hutchinson Engineering, we think and do things differently to produce innovative solutions. We embrace new ideas
and encourage creative thinking
as we continuously seek to
improve what we do.

Core values: Collaboration

Everyone at Hutchinson Engineering
works together to manufacture world-class products. Our market leading solutions
are the result of our collective
expertise, shared knowledge and
committed teamwork.

Core values: Integrity

We’re honest, fair and respectful to
each other and our customers. You can
trust us. We act with the best intentions,
keep our word, deliver on our promises
– and we acknowledge where we
can do better.



Core values: Dependability

We do what we say we will do –
when and how we say we will do it.
Our customers can count on us to
deliver with consistency. And our
colleagues can count on each
other to get the job done.

Core values: Positivity

We’re optimistic, we look for solutions
and expect success. We focus on
having a positive impact on the lives
of our customers, our people and
the local community.