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Douglas Aviation Tractors

Hutchinson delivers heavy duty aviation tractors for Douglas


Hutchinson Engineering has completed a major project to supply complex chassis for ten heavy duty tractors working in the aviation industry. 

Douglas commissioned the specialist work for its tractors, which tow aeroplanes around airports. The work required experienced engineers to handle the project due to the sheer size and complexity of the vehicles involved. 

David Jiang, purchasing manager of Douglas, explained: "We manufacture push-back tractors and towbarless tractors, but the towing tractors designed to deliver aeroplanes on and off ramps required an extra level of specialist expertise. Not only are the chassis made up of more than 2,500 metal parts, but they are required to be extremely heavy duty, as the nose of an A380, for example, weighs 110 tonnes alone."

"We searched for a company with more than just experience in working with large tonnage fabrication machines, such as CNC machines and plasma cutters, but most importantly, we needed a company with experience of large projects and capabilities with cutting, drilling and machining."


Published: 28/10/2015
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